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How To Trade Gold, Silver, Oil & Commodity Linked Currencies
Every Friday: 3.30PM GMT +1

Time: Every Friday: 3.30PM GMT +1.

Enjoy world-class trading education live with the experts: Phil Carr – Head Of Trading at The Gold & Silver Club, learning exclusive techniques never taught to retail traders! During the weekly webinar, Phil Carr will explore the importance of fundamentals when trading Gold, Silver & Oil and Commodity Currencies alongside reviewing trade ideas for upcoming geopolitical and news events that will act as a catalyst for explosive moves!

The webinar will provide a forecast of where prices are heading next, covering the policies of major central banks and the outlook for interest rates and an overview of key commodities – Gold, Silver and Oil and their correlations with the commodity currencies: NZDUSD, AUDUSD and USDCAD. You will enjoy live market analysis with trading ideas for key news events that will drive commodity prices including:

  • Tips on how to analyse Gold, Silver & Oil and profit from market cycles and seasonality.
  • The key fundamental news events that will influence commodities prices.
  • Live market analysis & trading ideas.
  • The latest development in the markets and how to trade the correlations via currencies.

About Phil Carr

Phil is the Co-founder and Head Of Trading at The Gold & Silver Club, an international Commodities Trading, Research and Advisory Group specializing in the Precious Metals, Energies and Agricultural markets. Phil heads up the Group’s Commodities Training business working with private retail and institutional clients across the world. He’s also a frequent guest contributor on various financial television channels and publications sharing insights on investment trends, outlooks and opportunities and has been featured on Reuters, SKY TV, International Life Magazine, Global Banking & Finance Review, IG Markets and Swiss Financial Television to name a few.

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