*Trading involves substantial risk to your invested capital


The Board of Directors has the overall responsibility for the establishment and oversight of the
Company’s Risk Management Framework.
The Company implements and maintains adequate risk management policies and procedures which identify the risks relating to the Company’s activities, processes and systems, and where appropriate, set the level of risk tolerated by the Company. The Company adopts effective arrangements, processes and systems, in light of that level of risk tolerance, where applicable.
The Risk Management function operates independently and monitors the adequacy and effectiveness of policies and procedures, the level of compliance to those policies and procedures, in order to identify deficiencies and rectify.   The Investment Committee is responsible for monitoring and controlling the Risk Manager in the performance of his/her duties. 


The Company maintains a system in place to record any risk event incurred on a special form duly completed by personnel of each department and is submitted to the Compliance officer and Risk manager when such events occur.
The Company does not undertake any hedging activities and therefore does not have any policies in place.

*Trading involves substantial risk to your invested capital