Terms and Conditions of the “Trading Signal Facility”

*Trading involves substantial risk to your invested capital

Therefore, the Company stipulates below its “Trading Signals Facility”:

  1. These Terms and Conditions (hereby referred to as the "Terms") form the basis of the “Trading Signals Facility”, whereby the eligible clients of FXGlobe may receive free trading signalsfor 30 days from the day of his registration for 30 days from the day of his registration (supplied by www.daily-forex-signals.com) subject to the Terms hereunder, when trading on FXGlobe's accounts which are subject to the general Clients’ Agreement with FXGlobe.

  2. By taking advantage and using this facility by the clients it impliedly constitutes an acceptance of these Terms.

  3. In order for the client to be eligible to use the Trading Signals Facility described herein, he/she should satisfy the following conditions:
    • The client should be over 18 years old, and
    • The client should make a request by chat/email/phone to be added to the 30 days free trading signals service.
  4. Once the 30 days are over – in order to continue getting free trading signals, the client should have at least one Live Standard Account with FXGlobe with which a minimum deposit of $1000, and
    • The client should have passed the appropriateness and/or verification assessment from the Compliance Department, and
    • The client’s account must have been approved by the Compliance Department;
  5. The Client acknowledge and agrees that by signing up for these trading signals facility, the Client, have voluntarily registered for such services within his/her capacity as an investor/trader and totally understands the risks involved when using this services.

  6. The Client confirms that he has, by signing up for the trading signals with FXGlobe, accepted the Terms and Conditions of such services provided by FXGlobe, and furthermore the client has reviewed the Terms and Conditions, on the link provided herein below, of the Third Party that cooperates with FXGlobe in order to facilitate the FXGlobe’s Clients,

  7. The client understands and acknowledge that the information (trading signals) received are provided by a third party with whom FXGlobe simply cooperates for the facilitation of its clients. However, FXGlobe does not undertake any responsibility or doesn’t guarantee the accuracy of such information/signals received by the clients though such facility services.

  8. The Clients are strongly advised to carefully read the Terms and Conditions of the Service Provider at the following web address www.daily-forex-signals.com/terms.

  9. FXGlobe takes absolutely no responsibility for the outcome of any trades resulting from signals provided by www.daily-forex-signals.com nor any of such signals or information received can be considered as an investment advice or promise/guarantee of a successful trading/business.

  10. The clients can facilitate as soon as the ensure the fulfillment of the conditions stated above.

  11. FXGlobe will send a Welcome SMS once the Client has been signed up to the service, and will keep a log of the clients who have received this SMS.

  12. As long as the account is active, meaning the Client trades a minimum of 1 lot per month on the relevant account, they will receive SMS signals when they are sent - disregarding any technical issues that may hinder this service.

  13. The Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any client that tampers or attempts to tamper with the operation of this facility or breaches any of the Terms herein and/or the general Terms and Conditions/ Clients Agreement of the Company.

  14. It is of a great importance to bring to the clients’ attention that this facility it is subject to these Terms and Conditions which are set solely at the Company’s discretion and go along with the general Terms and Conditions/Clients’ Agreement of the Company.

  15. This facility is provided on the Company’s own initiative, therefore, the Company reserves the right to adjust, amend or terminate the service of such facility, or any aspect of it, at any time and without prior notice. Such alterations may be informed on the clients via e-mail or/and by posting on the Company's website or simply updating the online Company’s Policy. By continuing the usage of the FXGlobe website and trading signals facility services, the Clients are impliedly considered to have accepted all these modified Terms and any updates/amendments.

  16. It is strongly suggested that the client regularly refers to the Terms and Conditions of the Company and of this Trading Signals Facility in particular, so it can insure an effective update of the Company’s policy and business relationship terms.

  17. Any dispute or instance which not covered by this Terms and Conditions Policy should be resolved by the Company’s management in the manner which seems to be more just, fair and reasonable. That decision, made by the Company in such events, shall be final and binding on all parties.

  18. The client’s trading account is subject to the FXGlobe Client Agreement which can be found at https://www.fxglobe.com/public/documents/ClientAgreement_April_2016.pdf.

  19. In case these Terms and Conditions are translated into a language other than English, then the English version of the Terms shall prevail where there is an inconsistency.
These Terms and Conditions are dated 06/04/2017.  
*Trading involves substantial risk to your invested capital